zMetronome quick demo with iPhone


This short video shows an overview of our metronome features - Part one: The Metronome

  1. PuceEasy and simple to use. Full control at the tip of one finger!

  2. PuceChanging tempo with Tempo slider

  3. PucePlaying a rythmic pattern by selecting the bar length and number of bars

  4. PuceQuick view of current bar and beat

  5. PuceChange Pitch of pulse

  6. PuceEmphasis first beat/last beats of each bar

  7. PuceVolume slider

  8. PuceAbsolute accuracy of pulse

  9. PuceRemember your settings automatically for your next musical session

  10. PuceSelect one of the five instruments

  11. PuceTapTap on the screen to select a tempo (tap tempo)

  12. PuceA note player (tone generator) which can be tuned finely and used as a tuner (A 440 Hz, A 442 Hz, ...).

A great metronome, for a small price.
 For sale on iTunes App Store $5 USD or 3,99 €.

This is demo of version 1.3, available on iTunes AppStore

Part one: Metronome